Your 2019 Event Planner Number One Choice

Why Gmarket Chicago?

Picking the right event planners is absolutely critical when you're looking for quality, reliable corporate catering.  Within Chicago, we understand that there is a lot of competition to choose from that is going to make you wonder which option is the best one for your needs.  We hope that you'll remember what is most important in the business – finding a vendor in event planning that is entirely focused on you and your needs. That's what we offer, and it's why we are your number one Chicago event planning choice.

We're proud to provide clients with a quality business that is focused on professional experience with a focus on being approachable even as professionals.  This translates into being able to offer clients the right blend of personal and professional interaction for a memorable and quality experience.
  • Affordable, customized prices: From the very beginning, we understood that price is a determining factor for a lot of clients that want event planning without breaking the bank.  With the price of everything going up and up in today's market, this is even more-so. We are constantly making sure that we continue to offer our service at affordable prices so that everyone can partake in the quality that we provide without being priced-out of the option.  This is as important to us as it is to you.

  • Strive for convenience and flexibility: We understand that plans change and adapt as time moves on, so we do our best to focus on both flexibility for those last-minute changes and also convenience.  We want to be the approachable business that will work with your needs – even as they change – to help make your event a success down to the last detail. This is why both convenience and flexibility are part of our business model and we plan on keeping it there.

  • We take care of all of the logistics: From the macro to the micro details, we've got it all covered.  We want you to be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the event. So, we'll take care of all of the logistics in the planning and day-of process.  This gives you more time to enjoy your event without feeling as though you're letting anything slide by doing so. Professionals in our own line of business, we'll handle it all and you'll be able to enjoy it along with everyone else.

When you go with the best, you get affordability, convenience and flexibility, and and a company that takes care of all of the logistics.  This all adds up to a professional-level, truly enjoyable experience for you and your event. Let's plan your next event, and show you just what a difference the right event planning company can make.  When you're on the hunt in Chicago, jump right to the top of the list and enjoy our premier service for an unforgettable experience.


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